Skateboard Smart


Hello and welcome to the website and blog.  Here you will find helpful information regarding new skateboard equipment, clothing and even now MOVES!  Periodically we will be updating you on upcoming competitions and events across the skateboard world.

Looking for the best gear? What about sweet videos of your favorite boarders? We will give you reviews of the latest gear and share videos and news on the best boarders out there. We will even find some of the sickest parks in the country. Let be your go to site for skateboard news, reviews and moves!

Look to us for all of your skateboarding information and needs.  We are here to serve you and make skateboarding with your family and friends as enjoyable as possible by providing you with he best equipment available. is your one stop shopping place for all things skateboarding.  From apparel, safety gear, decks, wheels, bearing, trucks, griptape, sunglasses, helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, and all the coolest accessories we are here to serve you.


Check out out frequently for specials and updates or contact us here for more information.

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